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As I have walked door-to-door in our community, one of the main concerns from our community members is that their elected officials are not accessible to them.  This is one of the reasons why I want to be your State Representative, because I would love to show our residents that having present elected officials is possible.  Imagine not having to attend a formal hearing, neighborhood board meeting, or groundbreaking ceremony just to see or talk to your State Representative.  The only time you see your State Representative should not be just when they are campaigning in the neighborhood, but rather, you should be able to engage about issues and concerns weekly in your own backyard.  I formulated a proposed plan for 2023 so when elected I am able to hit the ground running with being present in District 43 while simultaneously being accessible daily and of course, having an open door policy at the Hawai'i State Capitol.  


I color-coded (roughly) our District 43 map (Credit: State of Hawai'i Office of Elections; Disclaimer: any addition of color to the District 43 map has been completed on my own accord and is not reflective of any formal and/or legal map provided by the Office of Elections for election purposes) and color-coded the corresponding weeks in the 2023 calendar.  Each week identifies a color that corresponds to the map color.  During each week, I will be present in each of the areas identified by color in the 2023 calendar, whether it's walking in the District on a Sunday afternoon or meeting you at your doorstep if you have a specific concern that you would like to discuss.  This will allow our community members an opportunity to know exactly where I will be during that week to give each area of our community its own time and attention and will allow you to plan ahead for my visit to your area so you can provide me with your concern and contact information so I can be sure to stop by your home or meet up with you.


Generally, I will be strolling the area and going door to door to just check up on things and talk story with our community if there are no pressing issues during the respective week that I will be visiting your area.  This is a proposed plan and calendar and I would welcome feedback as to how you would like to see this idea come to fruition.  In addition, I plan to have monthly or bi-monthly town halls as another way for the community to come together.  As a community member for over 30 years in our community, I have rarely seen our elected officials, and I want to change that and be present for you so we, together, can bring about positive change for Makakilo and Kapolei.

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